17-18 JUNE 2017

36 hours.
150 hackers.
Your idea.

Main Prizes

1st place - 50 000 CZK (2000 EUR)
2nd place - 20 000 CZK (800 EUR)
3rd place - 10 000 CZK (400 EUR)

Sponsored Prizes

K10 Coworking

Prize: Unlimited 1-month membership in K10 for the whole team

Best team from Prague

Highest ranking project by a team from Prague


Prize: Oculus Rift HD VR

The most innovative UX for mobile event discovery

Demonstration of the user journey from the first time use of the app to the discovery of the relevant event for the user. The prize will go to the most unconventional and creative approach.


Prize: Playstation 4 Slim

Ready to accept Avast real hack challenge?

First one to get remote root shell on out smart home appliance will get a Playstation 4 Slim

Prize: 1000 EUR vouchers

The Best Travel Hack

The best travel hack based on an originality of the idea and the execution.


Prize: TBC

Best Tech by Bloomberg

We are looking for the project where technology is the focus, something that solves a real problem, in an innovative and exciting way


Prize: 588$ in Firebase credit

588$ in Firebase credit

588$ (49$x 12month) in Firebase credit usable when implementing Firebase awarded to 3 teams with the best idea about how to do so (picked by mentors).


Prize: £100

The FICO Challenge

Building Smarter Applications using Data and Analytics. We want to see originality, innovation and a lot of tech!


Prize: Nerf guns, Credit to host your future projects, Scalingo swag

Coolest hack hosted on Scalingo

Don't minimize the *fun* part of the project, it will have some value to us, here are a few examples:

Developer tooling (automate all the things!)
Multi-technology, multi-database
IoT Gateway, TimeSeries and Hardware

The only condition: a part or the whole project should be hosted on Scalingo.


Prize: Newest Raspberry Pi 3, Model B for every member of winning team

Let's Program in Kotlin!

Anyone who develops their project in Kotlin, or at least some reasonable part of the code, can with this prize. The JetBrains team will evaluate what constitutes "reasonable part of code" and their decision must be respected. The winning team will be given brand new RaspberryPi computers (Raspberry Pi 3, Model B, 64-bit, 1GB RAM) for every member of the team.


Prize: Awesome books :)

Best API Hack

It is rare for a system to be self-sufficient. You are part of an ecosystem—either as a producer or a consumer.

We'll appraise the team that employs an HTTP API in a new, interesting way.

Developer tool that leverages 3rd party systems for a productivity gain? New way to consume systems that is truly resilient? Exposing data from a system that hasn't done that before? Using API Description Documents to in your tool? New way to orchestrate a group of microservices?

Show us.